Article 6-1 Natural Bug Control

Hello. I am looking for a natural control for spider mites that will not harm caterpillars. Is there such a thing? Thank you, Shari Shari, The first choice would be predatory insects such as Phytoseiulus persimilis which prefer to consume spidermites. Luckily, they also do a pretty good job of it as long as the spidermites are detected before their [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Cherry Tomatoes

I am not a very patient person and waiting for tomatoes to ripen seems to take forever. Cherry tomatoes grown hydroponically in my greenhouse are at least 10 days earlier than full-sized tomatoes and I can enjoy delicious vine-ripe cherry tomatoes in less than 60 days. I start the seeds in pre-soaked jiffy pellets in early to mid-March using a [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Growing Your Own Food In a Tub

In 1969 I was a 20 year old impoverished college student. I was living on a rundown houseboat in the Willamette slough in Portland Oregon. After a few months of trying to live on fast-food at the University, I realized I needed to reduce the $300 per month I was spending on food. My houseboat had a large back deck [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Bad Nutrients

Last year I purchased a set of hydro nutes made by the local hydroponic shop. After a couple months I noticed there was a strange, wispy precipitate in the bloom formula (kind of looks like pieces of torn up plastic grocery bags floating around). At first they were only here and there, now there are a couple for every few [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Bonsai Grower Q’s About Lighting

I am growing Bonsai trees indoors from October to April. I have been doing this for number of years, they are under florescent tubes. They are doing okay, but not growing as well as they should. I am thinking of switching to metal halide light. The room is 10X10′. My question, should I get one 1000 watt bulb or four [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Heat In Aeroflo’s

I have a simple aero/hydroponic system setup using a Rubbermaid container, PVC, a water pump, etc … It is set up in a closet, with an exhaust fan and a 400W HPS lamp just like all the systems I read about, but the inside of the reservoir/grow chamber heats up to well over 90° due to heat from the HPS [ read more ]

Article 5-5 Do Organics Really Taste Better?

Hello there, I’m an avid reader of your magazine, and love all the articles. I was wondering if you guys could settle the age old question of whether organic fertilizers make your finished product taste better. I have to believe that if you properly leach, and then flush your plants, you will turn out just as fragrant and smooth as [ read more ]

Article 5-5 Low Lives Life In The Soil

Lowlifes: Life in the Soil By Erik Biksa We often work very hard to make sure that our favourite plants are getting what they need in their diets to offer us the yields we desire. Have you ever just stuck a plant in the ground outdoors in the full sun only to return in a few months to find it [ read more ]

Article 5-5 Hydroponic Chives

Hydroponic Chives By Dr. Lynette Morgan Chives are one of the most popular herb plants grown in hydroponic systems. The small size and perennial nature of chive plants, means they take up little space and can provide a continual supply of fresh leaves for cutting in both indoor and outdoor systems. Chive plants thrive under hydroponic cultivation and can withstand [ read more ]

Article 5-5 Organic Hydro

Organic Hydroponics By David Roberts During a day and age when our environment is becoming increasingly toxic including the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat; more and more of us are turning to the natural alternatives that are available. We are starting to consider how future generations may be affected by the pollution being [ read more ]