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Article 4-5 How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow By Trevor Shields When the question “Mary, Mary, quite contrary…how does your garden grow?” was first asked, Mother Nature didn’t have a whole lot of competition. Over the last 20 years though, advances in hydroponic gardening have unleashed a multitude of new indoor gardening solutions. Hydroponics is the ultimate biological erector set: You can allow [ read more ]

Article 2-3 Designing and Indoor Garden

We plan indoor gardens for the crop-and the gardener! Plants have specific needs for fast growth and great crop yields-light, water, food, temperature, C02 and so on-and we must keep these requirements in mind when planning a garden. But gardeners have needs too-the ability to reach all the plants, for example-and a well-planned garden must consider the grower as well [ read more ]

Article 6-4 Create Your Own Grow Room

Artificial grow rooms offer a tremendous opportunity to produce maximum yields of selected plants at any time of the year. Although the initial set up cost may seem high the bumper crops you’ll produce will quickly offset the expense. Until recent years, indoor crop production was very restricted.Providing adequate light was the most limiting factor in achieving a viable flowering [ read more ]

Article 4-2 Perfect Room

Courtesy of Canadian Soiless By going back to the sciences of optimum plant growth, we were able to create the perfect sealed growing oasis. The following directions are for a completely isolated room, which means there are no intake and no exhaust fans; the room is completely self-contained. For successful plant growth you will require the following principles: HID Lighting [ read more ]


What is Hydroponics? Let’s start by defining hydroponics. Literally, the name means working water. Simply put, it is the art of gardening without soil. There are six basic kinds of hydroponic systems with hundreds of possible variations. For more information on the different methods of hydroponic gardening see (“Basic Hydroponic Systems and How they Work”).   Myth: Hydroponics is a [ read more ]