Article 5-1 Plant Nutrition

By Dr. Tahir Mahmood The success of any garden/crop begins with the soil. A fertile, biologically active soil provides plants with enough nutrients for good growth. Fertilizers supplement can renew these nutrients, but they should be added only when a soil test indicates the levels of available nutrients in the soil are inadequate. In the garden, whether you are growing [ read more ]

Article 5-1 Calcium

Calcium – A Transportation Problem By Dr. Lynette Morgan As hydroponic growers we like to think that by supplying our plants with all the nutrients they need in the right ratios, via a well balanced nutrient solution . . . the fruit and foliage won’t become deficient in any element and won’t show any deficiency symptoms. It would nice if [ read more ]

Article 5-1 Automated Cloning

By Erik Biksa Asexual propagation, or the process of taking cuttings or cloning, is one of the more labour intensive practices associated with plant production. Although there is little that can be done in the way of reducing the amount of work that arises from physically removing plant material for the rooting process, you need not spend all of your [ read more ]

Article 5-1 Because They Are What They Eat

By Cindy Rea In previous articles we have explored various types of sex! Now don’t rush out to find the pornographic back issues of Maximum Yield. If you weren’t fortunate enough to have read the articles we were talking about plant sex! (Exciting if you ‘re a grower but not too sexy if you’re expecting porn!) Sexual reproduction, the germination [ read more ]

Article 5-1 Reflector

Reflectors – Let there be Light By Trevor Shields And let there be light. Lots and lots of light. But where there is smoke, there is fire where there is an all-you-can eat pizza bar there is Oprah Winfrey, and where there is light there is heat. Accumulated heat can be a huge detriment to a hydroponic garden; possibly burning [ read more ]

Article 4-5 Oxy-cal

My name is Jennifer Min and I am a community college 2nd year student in a Biology 201 class. We are doing a seed germination research project and I came across your website when doing some research. It is a GREAT website with so much helpful/informative information! Thank you. I have a question about OXY-CAL, since we are thinking of [ read more ]

Article 4-5 Odors Are Like a Cup of Black Coffee

ODORS ARE LIKE A CUP OF BLACK COFFEE By Nicholas Cranley Hot humid air, containing stale garden odors, needs to be exhausted from a hydroponic environment. The odors are a real nuisance and finding a 100% solution to the odor problem has been attempted by a number of different products with varying degrees of success. Masking agents eliminate the stale [ read more ]

Article 4-5 Mildew

We have enjoyed operating a hydroponics store for several years now. During this time, we have helped many customers with a wide range of problems relating to their gardens. Many times in the past you have provided us with solid advice, and so we thought this time would be no exception. Our question is this: What would you recommend to [ read more ]

Article 4-5 NFT Gully

In the July/August issue of 2001, the article about NFT gullies refers to choosing the “right” gully manufacturer to get the best yielding and most versatile system. Who are some of these manufacturers? I never see ads for NFT gully producers in your magazine or any others I received. Also, concerning commercial hydro greenhouses, what is the most common source [ read more ]

Article 4-5 How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow By Trevor Shields When the question “Mary, Mary, quite contrary…how does your garden grow?” was first asked, Mother Nature didn’t have a whole lot of competition. Over the last 20 years though, advances in hydroponic gardening have unleashed a multitude of new indoor gardening solutions. Hydroponics is the ultimate biological erector set: You can allow [ read more ]