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Out of the Box Lesson Ideas

Let’s Get Creative!!! Do you think your students will laugh at you if you tell them to conduct a scientific experiment that involves talking to plants? Good! If they’re laughing, they’re not bored so for this section, trade in your tasseled cap for your wizard hat and let your imagination go wild. One of our young customers had advanced in [ read more ]

Expanded Curriculum

We found the available resources provided in our links, lacking in diversity. While they teach the basic principles of hydroponics they fail to explore how and why these methods might be superior. Neither do they examine the many possible experiments that explore the countless factors effecting plant growth and yield. Not to worry. We’ve been helping kids of all ages [ read more ]

Teacher and Student Resource

Lesson Plan Links Expanded Curriculum Out of the Box Lesson Ideas Beyond the Classroom Careers of the Future: Scholarships, Grants & Opportunities Welcome!!! The planet’s survival depends on the children who will inherit it. At Simply Hydroponics, we value the work of dedicated educators providing the hands on education and project based learning to prepare them for the task. For [ read more ]