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Ask the Professor – Prev. Questions 5

Professor- I am planning on growing 4 plants in a closet that is about 10 feet long, 2.5 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The closet doors are the kind that have spaces in them like window blinds.  Would it be totally necessary to put an exhaust fan in, or could I just put box fans in the floor? Anonymous [ read more ]

Ask the Professor – Prev. Questions 4

Dear Professor – I have a simple question. I am considering buying a h.p.s. light fixture, I’m figuring on buying a 400w lamp, but I keep seeing 430w lamps sold with 430w Son Agro bulbs, my question is: in your experience is it worth it to spend the extra $50 and if I’m not satisfied with the results of the [ read more ]

Ask the Professor – Prev. Questions 3

Professor – We are growing lettuce, we start with well water that is 7.2 pH and 300 ppm. we fill a 500 gal. tank and pump thru a 2″ then 3/4″ pvc pipes into 36 – 25′ gutters covered with black rigid plastic with 2′ holes for the net pots, we use a commercial nutrient and phosphoric acid and the [ read more ]

Ask the Professor – Prev. Questions 1

Dear Professor Hydro- My students and I am building a hydroponic system for our classroom. It is going to be a perlite/vermiculite mix. My question is this, what pH level should the nutrient solution be for growing tomatoes? How about Lettuce? Is there a happy medium that will work for all plants? Liz  B. Liz We are always glad to [ read more ]

Uriah Urban Farms

Some of the most exciting aspects of owning Simply Hydroponics for the last two decades have been our many opportunities to be active in our community through various school and non-profit projects as well as seeing the development of revolutionary new methods of food production. Our collaborative efforts with Uriah Urban Farms on a living wall project at the Roosevelt [ read more ]


Sign up for one of our outstanding classes Wednesday, March 5, 7 p.m. Thursday February 27, 7 p.m. This informative class will cover all you need to know to successfully grow a kitchen counter herb garden on up to large scale grow rooms capable of providing enough vegetables to feed your family. We will discuss the pros and cons of [ read more ]

LED and Induction Lighting

The Simple Truth As manufacturers continue to make outrageous claims about LED and Induction lighting and consumers continue to get sucked into the hype, we at Simply Hydroponics have continued to do our own testing in an effort to “shed some light” on the subject. Our reputation for trustworthy information and over twenty years of great customer loyalty depend on [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Cherry Tomatoes

I am not a very patient person and waiting for tomatoes to ripen seems to take forever. Cherry tomatoes grown hydroponically in my greenhouse are at least 10 days earlier than full-sized tomatoes and I can enjoy delicious vine-ripe cherry tomatoes in less than 60 days. I start the seeds in pre-soaked jiffy pellets in early to mid-March using a [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Bonsai Grower Q’s About Lighting

I am growing Bonsai trees indoors from October to April. I have been doing this for number of years, they are under florescent tubes. They are doing okay, but not growing as well as they should. I am thinking of switching to metal halide light. The room is 10X10′. My question, should I get one 1000 watt bulb or four [ read more ]