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Uriah Urban Farms Uriah Farms Keeps Growing Uriah’s Farms–For Farmer Dave and indoor farming, things are looking up

Article 5-3 Closed Environment Agriculture

CEA – Closed Environment Agriculture By Erik Biksa A closed growing environment differs from the traditional grow room set-up in that it does not “connect” to the external environment and runs on a closed loop. Typically, grow room air is vented to the outside while outside air is drawn in to replace the air being evacuated. This creates an “open [ read more ]

Article 1-1 Dealing With Plant Problems

In having an indoor garden it is almost inevitable that sooner or later you will experience problems with plant growth. When this happens you have two choices on where to find the answers, you can look up the problem in a book at the library or information on the internet. This is a good source of information if you have [ read more ]


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