What is hydroponics?

The word, Hydroponic, comes from Latin and means working water. Simply put, it is the art of growing plants without soil. When most people think of hydroponics, they think of plants grown with their roots suspended directly into water with no growing medium. This is just one type of hydroponic gardening known as N.F.T. (nutrient film technique). There are several [ read more ]


As you might have guessed we aren’t really a university however, we strive to be the best place on the web to get hydroponic and organic gardening information. Whether you are a total novice or an experienced commercial grower, the information you need is most likely here and absolutely free. We offer multiple sources of gardening information, from the most [ read more ]

Hydroponics and Horse Herds: Sustaining Large Groups with Fresh Feed

In the vast expanses of ranches and farms, one can often spot majestic groups of horses grazing peacefully. These groups, often referred to as “herds,” represent a collective strength and beauty that is awe-inspiring. Ask any horse owner or caretaker, and they’ll confirm that keeping a herd healthy and well-fed throughout the year is quite the challenge. That’s where the [ read more ]