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Uriah Farms Keeps Growing

Check out amazing hydroponic growing systems which are bringing living food to the tables of an increasing number of high end, Florida restaurants. We told you about the innovative work our good buddy, Farmer Dave, aka Dave Smiles was doing with his company, Uriah Farms, and his gorgeous living wall display at the Roosevelt 2.0 building in Ybor City. Sadly [ read more ]

Simply’s Glossary

Additive: Additives are vitamins/supplements/nutrients for the plant, they do not have the needed based nutrients. Using additives without base nutrients is like trying to live on vitamins instead of food. ex: There are many different kinds of additives that you can use in addition to nutrients. Aeroponic Systems: Plants that have the root system suspended in nutrient solution or misters [ read more ]

Bato Bucket System Plans

Bato buckets are one of the most popular hydroponic containers on earth. Cut flower growers in Europe use them almost exclusively. They are affordable, reusable and can be easily connected together making a Bato bucket system endlessly expandable. Bato buckets can be used with a large variety of different growing mediums.                   [ read more ]

Ebb & Flow System (Flood & Drain)

This system uses two 5 gallon buckets or equivalent. One is filled with growing medium and the other holds the nutrient solution. The plants are watered by lifting the bucket containing the nutrient solution. This allows the solution to flow into the bucket containing the growing medium and Plant(s). To drain, simply lower the nutrient bucket and gravity drains the [ read more ]

Article 6-4 The Most Important 2 Weeks

By Steve Berlow When asked to write my first article for Maximum Yield Magazine, I immediately thought of all the great things I could write about that could help the hobbyist hydroponics grower. Having spent over 10 years helping hobbyist hydroponics growers in Australia, there was so much that I could write about, but was there a single topic that [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Strawberry

One of the highlights of early summer is the sweet juicy taste of a fresh picked strawberry. Hydroponic strawberries are making a big impression! Grown without soil in a nutrient solution, hydroponic strawberries are the taste of the future. Canada consumes far more strawberries than its annual production of approximately 30 million tonnes. The bulk of imports come from California [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Soiless Salad

Perhaps some of the most versatile and easy to grow plants in hydroponic systems are lettuce and the huge range of salad greens we have available these days. It was not so long ago that the average fresh salad consisted of iceberg lettuce with a few slices of tomato and cucumber. But we now have a huge range of colored [ read more ]

Article 6-1 Heat In Aeroflo’s

I have a simple aero/hydroponic system setup using a Rubbermaid container, PVC, a water pump, etc … It is set up in a closet, with an exhaust fan and a 400W HPS lamp just like all the systems I read about, but the inside of the reservoir/grow chamber heats up to well over 90° due to heat from the HPS [ read more ]

Article 5-5 Hydroponic Chives

Hydroponic Chives By Dr. Lynette Morgan Chives are one of the most popular herb plants grown in hydroponic systems. The small size and perennial nature of chive plants, means they take up little space and can provide a continual supply of fresh leaves for cutting in both indoor and outdoor systems. Chive plants thrive under hydroponic cultivation and can withstand [ read more ]

Article 5-5 Organic Hydro

Organic Hydroponics By David Roberts During a day and age when our environment is becoming increasingly toxic including the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat; more and more of us are turning to the natural alternatives that are available. We are starting to consider how future generations may be affected by the pollution being [ read more ]