Article 6-1 Bad Nutrients

Last year I purchased a set of hydro nutes made by the local hydroponic shop. After a couple months I noticed there was a strange, wispy precipitate in the bloom formula (kind of looks like pieces of torn up plastic grocery bags floating around). At first they were only here and there, now there are a couple for every few ml ‘s I pour out. I always shake the bottle quite vigorously before pouring anything out, but they just keep on coming. Could this precipitate be damaging to the plant?
Thanks, JJ

If the product inconsistency you describe originated from a popular manufacturer’s bloom formulation occurring in the early part of 2002, your biggest concern would be clogged emitters, lines, pumps, etc. Your second concern would be to return to the place of purchase and exchange it for a fresh bottle. Of all the feedback I have received it did not harm plant growth, but was a nuisance in terms of clogs, etc. Apparently the substance found in the bloom solution contained no DNA when tested at a nationally recognized independent laboratory and is therefore very unlikely to pose a problem.

Sincerely, Erik Biksa