Article 4-3 Nutrient Temp.

Nutrient Temperature – Oxygen and Pythium in Hydroponics by Dr. Lynette Morgan, Courtesy of NA Greenhouse The hydroponic nutrient solution is not just a mix of fertilizer salts and water, there are a number of organisms and compounds commonly found in our hydroponic systems that we need to be aware of. One of the most important of these is dissolved [ read more ]

Cool Projects

Uriah Urban Farms Uriah Farms Keeps Growing Uriah’s Farms–For Farmer Dave and indoor farming, things are looking up


Sign up for one of our outstanding classes Wednesday, March 5, 7 p.m. Thursday February 27, 7 p.m. This informative class will cover all you need to know to successfully grow a kitchen counter herb garden on up to large scale grow rooms capable of providing enough vegetables to feed your family. We will discuss the pros and cons of [ read more ]

Nutrient Comparison Test – Week 5

At week 5, space has dictated the elimination of one of our tomatoes. Well I have to say that taken on their own merits, no one would be disappointed in any of these plants, by comparison the General Hydroponics tomato has no hope of being in the same league as the other two. It did take a lead over Foxfarm [ read more ]

Nutrient Comparison Test – Week 4

At week four both the Canna tomato and the Foxfarm tomato have well established fruit set and vigorous flower production. The Canna plant still has a commanding lead in size and approximately 30% more flowers. The General Hydroponics tomato has gained significant size but is showing almost no signs of flower development and zero fruit formation. One important difference can [ read more ]

Nutrient Comparison Test – Week 3

On week 3 all plants are well into veg. The Canna tomato is still holding the lead with much thicker stalks and considerably more new growth. The Foxfarm tomato is a strong second with nice color and dense new growth. General Hydroponics is slipping behind a bit with less size and new growth and lighter coloration in the leaves. Check [ read more ]

Nutrient Comparison Test – Week 2

Our second week has Canna already taking a lead in size and new foliage growth. The Foxfarm tomatos holding its own with lots of healthy growth and a close second in height. The General Hydroponics tomato is healthy but lagging in size and leaf production. Photos were taken on 3/6/09. Check back for weekly photo and progress updates. « Week [ read more ]

Nutrient Comparison Test – Week 1

Click below to see the photo’s on the first week of our latest nutrient challenge. This is the fourth in a series of test we have run on the Canna nutrient line. Canna is the best selling line in the world but we don’t take for granted that best selling means best product. However, one can’t argue with success. In [ read more ]

LED and Induction Lighting

The Simple Truth As manufacturers continue to make outrageous claims about LED and Induction lighting and consumers continue to get sucked into the hype, we at Simply Hydroponics have continued to do our own testing in an effort to “shed some light” on the subject. Our reputation for trustworthy information and over twenty years of great customer loyalty depend on [ read more ]