Article 5-3 Yield Predictions

I am working with a family which is raising hydroponic tomatoes (loose, not clusters or cherry). We need to be able to establish a “normal/expected” yield and we do not know where to obtain that sort of information.
Can you point us in the right direction?
Connie Skinner

Thanks for your question. If growing in a well-managed hydroponic environment, light duration and intensity will play a strong role in determining the yield potential of the crop. In a hydroponic greenhouse environment, 35 + kilograms of fruit harvested per meter square during a four-month harvest period is probably about par. I suggest contacting the Canadian Greenhouse Crop Processing and Research Center (GPCRC) in Leamington, Ontario. I haven’t taken note of what they have been up to lately, but in the past they have done some cutting edge research followed by public reports on growing many crops, including hydroponic tomatoes.

Sincerely, Erik Biksa