Article 4-1 What Kind of System Do I Want?

If I was going to set up a large hydro system, what system would be the best to use? How can I contact a distributor? Who is the manufacture of the system? Would an NFT system be the most productive and lucrative system? Is there anyone I can contact for literature? PS: I’m looking for the best most cutting edge available equipment

It sounds like you want the “Ferrari” of hydro systems. Most high-performance systems are temperamental and require a respectable level of understanding. However, well written instructions and feed charts can introduce less experienced growers to incredible results. Large scale systems are available commercially, or can be constructed from well sourced materials. There are many advertisements from reputable companies in Maximum Yield, visit one of their websites or request information to a mailing address. With regards to particular systems you may consider the following: N.F.T. systems can be very productive. Most tend to be manufactured for plants with smaller root systems. For larger plants, increased air space around the roots for gas exchange is preferred. With larger root systems and longer channels, nutrient gradients and decreased dissolved oxygen levels at plant sites further from the point of solution injection may occur. Plants producing significant mass will require additional support. Be careful of high root temperatures. Water based systems utilizing larger volumes of faster moving nutrient solution with several points of injection can overcome some of the draw backs associated with earlier N.F.T. systems. Rockwool with drip irrigation or the more simplistic flood and drains systems can be very productive. Growing in rockwool usually requires some experience or research for impressive results. For plants taller than 3′ in finishing height and widely spaced, a bucket system is very well suited. It can easily be constructed using opaque 5 gallon poly buckets with lids and is less temperamental to operate. Look for systems that are founded on tried and true principles of hydroponic plant production to ensure results and try not to be in a rush if you can help it. When in doubt with your new system consider contacting the manufacturer or drop me a line!