Teacher and Student Resource


The planet’s survival depends on the children who will inherit it. At Simply Hydroponics, we value the work of dedicated educators providing the hands on education and project based learning to prepare them for the task.

For the twenty five years that Simply Hydroponics has been in business, we’ve worked with many teachers; setting up classroom systems and providing free presentations and we’ve learned that all of you are spread too thin. We’ve heard over and over about the need for better resources which provide lesson plans and creative ideas for teaching hydroponics in a classroom environment, including detailed hydroponic system plans.

We’ve also become aware of and worked with the ever growing number of parents now choosing to home school their children and desperate for ideas and materials. We appreciate your dedication and the magnitude of your undertaking. All of these lessons and experiments are easily done by small groups or single students.

We hope this resource page will help to make your job and your lives a little easier. Here is what you will find…

Save hours of sorting through a maze of websites by clicking on our Lesson Plan Links. We’ve narrowed them down to the best educational resource pages on hydroponics from such notable websites as Cornell University and NASA. Our links take you directly to the relevant information, saving you the trouble of surfing through mountains of unrelated data.

You will find plans for grade levels K-12, and many are tailored to teach more than one curriculum. A hydroponics lesson can also be a lesson in Earth science, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, economics, writing and more.

In addition, you can simply click the Get What I Need button by each link to purchase all needed materials for the experiment in one easy package.

Finding many of the available resources a bit lacking in diversity and imagination, we created our Expanded Curriculum section. Here you will find the kinds of experiments we’ve been mentoring our young customers through for the past two and a half decades. Mostly consisting of various side by side comparisons, they will give students a much broader understanding of agriculture, why one method is superior to another and the many factors effecting plant growth and yield.

Don’t miss Out of the Box Lesson Ideas. You might even want to begin there to charge your imagination and get excited about teaching this material. Creative, innovative and just plain fun ideas that will stimulate your kids and bring these lessons home in more multi-faceted ways. Incorporating varied curricula which goes beyond reading, writing and arithmetic; these projects expand to philosophy, art, team building/leadership and even empathy.

Our Beyond the Classroom section offers ideas for fun and interesting projects and field trips to bring the teachings out into real world scenarios.

Perhaps the mind that will bring an end to world hunger is among your students. To get them excited about sustainable agriculture, we’ve included the Careers of the Future section. Universities are beginning to offer curriculum in hydroponics and aquaponics with more opportunities continuously coming available in addition to vast, cutting edge vocational paths. We will keep updating this list as we learn of them to further assist you in getting your students on track to a great college and a career in a growing field (sorry).

It is our goal to support you and provide as much help as possible in your most important work. If there’s something you would like to see added to this page, please contact us and feel free to call us directly with any questions you may have. We’ve designed this resource for educators based on the needs they’ve expressed and we will continue to work to make it better and offer you more.

We want you to know how much we value the role that you play in educating our children so that they can build a sustainable future for our planet. It’s our honor and pleasure to help you in any way we can.