Article 3-3 I Have Been Growing For Years How Do I Increase My Yield

We have been growing for several years. Always in a sea of green, with Rockwool, 1000watt hps and conversion bulbs, flood and drain, CO2 with an average of thirty to forty plants under the 16 square feet that each 1000 watt light covers.

Question #1: Why do we get higher yields in the summer time when several others tell us that the opposite should be true? Apparently most growers get higher yields in the winter because it is too hot in the summer.

Question #2: We have handled several breeds and always seem to average the same weight of 3/4 – 1b per thousand watt. A breeders advertisement told us that a particular breed would produce 3lbs per light. Another breeder said the same breed produces 3/4 lb which has also been our experience. Many others have said that 2lbs should be average. What could be causing all these varied opinions? We know our environment is good all our plants are healthy and look good. What is the secret to averaging the “two pounds”?
Thanks, Joe Green

Mr Green: Most vigorous plants do well in 75°F-85°F for light hours and 65°F during dark periods. The difference in day and night temperatures has been coined “DIF”. If the DIF is opposite (cooler days warmer nights) some studies have shown plants with closer internodal spacing.

This might help increase results in some varieties of plants. It may have to do with the activation of certain hormones and enzymes in the plants at certain temperatures. Get a high-low type thermometer and record daily temperatures and see which give you the best results.

A breeder should know their plants. They likely know “the little things” about the plant, understanding those special needs and attributions can produce the optimum yields. Seed breeders must also promote their product, so also be aware of exaggerated claims. Remember the strain has to work for you and the types of conditions that you are able to provide. Experiment with different temperatures, planting densities (this would include time in the veg cycle), levels of nutrients, planting mediums, etc. Only this way can you find these preferences on your own.

There are many other strains available, experiment. Take care not to infect your proven plants with new introductions.
Regards, Erik B.