Article 4-3 Male VS. Female

Can you help me regarding this hormone? I was told it promotes growth when sprayed on plants. I am not interested in having my plants become hermaphrodites. Which is it? Growth or hermies or both?
Thanks, Patricia

Both. If sprayed in higher concentrations, giberellic acid will promote maleness in female plants. Sometimes this can be desirable. You can produce seeds that will be identical and all female. These progeny may be more susceptible to accidental hermaphrodism in future crops. Plants can become hermaphroditic with environmental stress such as becoming root bound or irregular photoperiods. Giberellic acid is produced by plants in negative growing conditions, typically when sugars, O2 (oxygen), and CO2(carbon dioxide) become scarce in shoots. Giberellic acid promotes cell elongation (stretching) in plants. It can also limit root growth in higher concentrations. Most products containing giberellic acids are used for stress relief and elongating plant stems, creating more flowering sites in early flower initiation. Spraying hormones is not necessary in a healthy indoor crop where you control environmental factors such as temperature, light, and moisture. If you decide to spray, follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to application rates and timing and make sure that the product is intended for the stage of growth you would like to use it in.
Regards, Erik Biksa