Article 3-2 I Use Oxycal

I use Oxy-Cal for soil based planting. I know it brakes down to lime, water and oxygen. Is there any way to use this in my hydro nutes (GH flora)?

Thanks for the great mag. I wait for each issue with great anticipation. Sounds like a commercial huh. It’s true I really like the mag. You have good writers who put things in simple terms that helps us “non organic chemistry/biology experts” who post to use net and other sites. It’s wonderful info, but it’s a pain wading through the tech talk to get the concept and then trying to apply that to the real world.
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From Erik: Thank-you for your inquiry. If you are growing in a recirculating water culture system there should be adequate levels of calcium and oxygen. If not, there are proven ways of meeting those requirements i.e. increased aeration and additional calcium nitrate or products such as Cal-mag (beware of increased nitrogen). If you require calcium peroxygen for your soilless or rockwool medium it is best mixed into the planting mix.

When concentrated calcium comes into contact with phosphorous or sulfates it flocculates-turning into useless sludge. So if mixed into the reservoir, there is a good chance that this will occur. However, it might be worth a try, so proceed with caution. Let us know how it goes.
Regards, Erik B