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Article 3-2 Growing Medium

It is incredible how many different types of growing mediums can be used successfully. Plants have been cultivated by man for tens of thousands of years. Until recently, native soils were the only option. There are many great substances to stick your plants into. The type you choose depends on your level of experience, time for monitoring, and plant and [ read more ]

Article 2-1 Build a Strong Foundation

Roots are amazing – they can grow 50 meters (162 feet) deep into the ground, and even a young Rye plant a few months old has 14 million roots – and 14 billion root hairs! Hydroponic gardeners recognize the importance of the root system to the health and yield of their crops. Otherwise, we would just grow in dirt! Let’s [ read more ]

Article 1-2 A Note on Rooting Mediums

There are as many different mediums and various mixes as there are people to talk about it! The main thing to consider when choosing a rooting medium is “will it or the chemicals I supply, make an hospitable environment to grow in”. That is the six million-dollar question. The cutting wants; pure pH 6.2 water, root oxygen, weak food, CO2 [ read more ]

Using Rockwool

Rockwool has long been among the most popular growing medium on earth. Originally used as insulation it was called “Mineral Insulation” and was later developed for gardening in Denmark. It is used primarily for drip hydroponic systems. Rockwool is made by melting a combination of rock and sand and then spinning the mixture to make fibers which are formed into [ read more ]

Article 4-4 Sexual Propagation

By Cindy Rea A tiny seed is so complex it holds the complete genetic engineering of an individual plant or being, determining all the characteristics that the new life will possess. Genetic alterations of various plants= seeds have created strains that are designed to grow under specific conditions or produce hybrid species. Horticulturists are able to gain the desirable characteristics [ read more ]