Article 4-3 Adding Calcium Peroxide

Hello Erik, I have one more technical question: can I add calcium peroxide to soil that is to be sterilized (heated in a microwave for 10 min) or will this activate it too much and it will lose its potency? I understand that ordinarily it should be effective in releasing oxygen slowly for about one month. Thanks, Steve

Steve: If adding to a field area it should be incorporated to a depth of 6″ at a rate of 20kg per acre. You must mix it into the soil (incorporation) for it to be the most effective. If this is done while crops are growing, roots might become damaged. The applied rate should be active in the soil for about six weeks. If applied in spring, this can help combat the wet soil often experienced early in the season.

For containerized plants, add about 15ml (one tablespoon) per 3.785 L (one US gallon) of growing medium. So, one tablespoon per gallon size of pot: three gallon pot requires three tablespoons. It is best applied when transplanting to a larger sized container. So use once from clone to grow, and once from grow to bloom. After plants have initiated flowering, you should refrain from transplanting, as results will suffer from the shock induced. Do not mix directly with dry, granular fertilizers with phosphates or sulfates, as they may react with the calcium peroxygen.
Cheers, Erik Biksa