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“The only stupid question is the one that is not asked”
Author Unknown

If you have a question or a problem that isn’t covered by the information on this website, do not despair. You can always ask the Professor! The Professor doesn’t claim to know everything, but he has many contacts and can find the information that you need. If the Professor can’t find the answer then there probably isn’t one.

Below you will find the questions and answers that have already been asked by others. Check them out. Your question may have already been asked and answered. Just click on the topic to view the answer. If your question hasn’t been asked and answered already please feel free to “Ask the Professor“. He will research your question and post your answer on this page or e-mail it to you directly if you prefer.

NOTE: The Professor will NOT post your name or e-mail address, only your question, so that others that might have the same problem can easily find the answer.



    1. What pH for tomatoes?
    2. “Fudge” fertilizer levels?
    3. Use mirrors to increase light in grow room?
    4. Why are my cuttings slow to root?
    5. Disadvantages of Hydroponics?
    6. Help with root weevils?
    7. Chiller for outside hydro system?
    8. How do I root Plants for a NFT system?
    9. How do I root Plants for a NFT system? (part 2)
    10. Can I alternate organic and hydroponic nutrients?
    11. How many hours of sunlight needed for vegetables?
    12. Nutrient for seeds?
    13. Hydroponics for children’s hospital?
    14. Best conditions for mother plant?
    15. Recommend a good hydroponic fertilizer?
    16. Magnolia cuttings?
    17. Lettuce varieties for Florida summers?
    18. NFT vs. Aggregate?
    19. Ipomea Problems
    20. AquaFarm Details
    21. pH Problems with Lettuce System
    22. Inexpensive Commercial Lettuce System?
    23. How Do I Wire A Metal Halide Ballast?
    24. How Much Medium in an Ebb & Flow?
    25. Skin Irritation From Rockwool?
    26. Do I Need A Nutrient Chiller In Florida?
    27. Help With Little Giant Pump
    28. Is 430 watt HPS Worth The Extra Cost Over Straight 400 Watt?
    29. Help With Hydroponic Forage?
    30. Would Fiberglass Work for a Green House?
    31. Hydroponic System made out of Ice Cream Containers?
    32. What Do You Do If Your Hydro System Springs a Leak?
    33. Closet Ventilation – How Much Do I need?
    34. What Kind of Plants Grow in Water Culture System?
    35. What About Aquaponics?
    36. What Do I Do For Drainage In Coconut Fiber Slabs?
    37. Will Halogen Light Work?
    38. What Do I Use For Leaf Suckers?
    39. Nutrient Recipe?
    40. Effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning?
    41. Grow Room Wiring? What Do I Need?
    42. How Fast Can Plants Grow in Hydroponics?
    43. How important is it to monitor the ppm of the nutrients?
    44. Science Project Question?
    45. Can You Recommend a Good Starter System?
    46. Good Nutrient For Herbs?
    47. What Elements and Proportions for Hydroponic Nutrient?
    48. Help For Whitefly Problem?
    49. Aquaponics Help?
    50. How Do I Warm My Reservoir?
    51. What Causes My Leaves To Become Limp?
    52. What is the Best and Least Expensive Lighting?
    53. Hydroponic Beans??
    54. Animal Waste For Hydroponic Nutrients?
    55. What Does a Beginner Need to Know?
    56. Animal Waste For Hydroponic Nutrients?
    57. How Do I Start Seeds Hydroponically?
    58. Is there any advantage to using pure oxygen to aerate the reservoir?

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