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Company Information

A Brief History

  • Simply Hydroponics was officially opened in late 1993. That's when the hobby officially became a business, Founded by partners Allen Bednar Jr. and Gordon Brown. The original location of our store was the local flea market on the weekends and a backyard garage during the week.
  • In the summer of 1995 Simply Hydroponics moved into cramped, rented space on Starkey Rd. in Largo, FL. It was shortly after this that the business became a full-time venture, and the store was opened on a full time basis.
  • In the fall of 1996 Simply Hydroponics purchased a parcel of land only a few hundred feet south of the tiny rented location, and moved into an existing structure on this property.
  • In the Summer of 1997 Simply Hydroponics was incorporated.
  • Fall of 1997 saw the birth of Simply Hydroponics and Organics Online.
  • Spring of 1999 Simply Hydroponics moved to it''s current location at 7949 Ulmerton Rd.
  • November 2004 Simply Hydroponics opens it's second location in Homosassa Springs, Florida.
  • January 2010 Simply Hydroponics closes the Homosassa Springs location and opens it's much larger Hydro-Organic Garden Center in Hudson, FL.

Hydroponics University

Hydro-U is a service of Simply Hydroponics and Organics On-line as part of our consumer education program. We welcome your feedback. Your input is what makes this site work. Please contact us with any questions or ideas.