Water Pump 450 320 GPH

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EZ Clone Water Pump (Mag 450), 320 GPH

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The Mag 450 pump (EZWP450) is the replacement pump for the 16-site, and 32-site Low Pro systems.

Perfectly paired with the 16-site and 32-site EZ-CLONE Cloning Systems to ensure the manifolds are receiving the proper flow of water, this 320 GPH pump is extremely energy-efficient. With its plastic-coated impeller and no motor seal to leak or wear out, this pump does not create excessive heat and has a greater life expectancy. Includes an extended base plate to prevent any possible tipping.

EZ-CLONE Water Pumps come standard with an adjustable filter to prevent large debris from clogging your misters. These powerful pumps can be used in your EZ-CLONE 16LP, 32LP and many other hydroponic applications.

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Dimensions 7 × 3.25 × 5.75 in