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Under Current? PRO Greenhouse Grade Re-Circulating Water Culture System Made for Commercial Growers The re-designed Under Current? PRO represents the largest, highest quality, most durable version of our Under Current? system to-date. With high levels of aeration and circulation, nutrient efficiency is maximized and yields are expected to be off the charts. The 35 gallon Under Current? PRO systems will function much like their 8 and 13 gallon counterparts but will feature several unique and up-sized heavy duty components. Every element of the system has been reinforced and maximized for longevity in adverse greenhouse-style conditions. Greenhouse Grade PRO Components PRO Growth Module: The reinforced solid ABS PRO Growth Module features water level indicators, recessed bulkhead coves, easy drain bottom, recessed drain valve cove and custom inlets for our float valve and water inlet tee. Made in CA. PRO Lids: The reinforced solid ABS PRO Lid allows growers to easily transfer plants from our 8 or 13 gallon systems by simply moving our standard CCH2O Lid and CCH2O Net Pot intact. The PRO Lid will also be available in a 4-site, 6-site and 11-site version for tighter plant spacing and Sea of Green cultivation. All four PRO Lids incorporate dual port-hole access points and air inlet coves. Made In CA. Aqua-Pore PRO XL Air Diffusers: All PRO systems come standard with our new Aqua-Pore PRO XL Air Diffusers. Aqua-Pore Pro Diffusers have low back pressure creating significantly higher oxygen transfer rates and higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. The membrane?s tiny pore size creates extremely small diameter bubbles. These new diffusers are more durable, have a long-life, require low-maintenance and feature a quick connect fitting for easy installation. PRO Air Delivery System: The PRO Air Delivery system will include the highest quality linear air pump or commercial regenerative blower (16-site and above). It will come standard with up-sized, quick-connect air manifold fittings and premium quality air hose. Growing in the Under Current? PRO For commercial applications the Under Current? PRO triumphs in efficiency and yields. The PRO system offers growers the opportunity to fill very large spaces and grow massive plants without the extra work of managing multiple systems and reservoirs. Having fewer larger systems equals higher productivity in terms of workflow, transplanting, maintenance and harvesting. The Under Current? PRO system would be best situated in either a greenhouse or indoors with a combination of vertical and horizontal lighting. The 35 gallon PRO growth module with single plant sites will be best utilized on 70?+ plant centers. Starting plants in our 8-gallon Under Current? systems and transplanting them to the PRO module at a height of 3-4? will yield a monstrous 8-10?+ finished plant when harvested. For even more flexibility we offer interchangeable PRO Lids in 4, 6 and 11-site configurations. These durable ABS lids increase the PRO system?s versatility and allow for tighter plant spacing, quicker turnaround times and Sea of Green (S.O.G) style cultivation methods. Under Current? PRO Systems Include CCH2O PRO 35 Gallon Heavy Duty ABS Growth Modules CCH2O PRO Heavy Duty ABS Lids with Dual Portholes CCH2O 8″ Heavy Duty Lids with Port Hole CCH2O 8″ Heavy Duty Net Pots 3? Manifold Fittings and 3? UC Spin-Tight Bulkheads Premium Mag-Drive Return Pump Premium Linear Air Pump or Regenerative Blower (16-site and above) Aqua-Pore Pro XL Air Diffusers PRO Air Distribution Manifold Fittings and PRO Air Tees Quick Connect Air Hose In-Line Filter(s) Adjustable Float Valve with Reservoir Adapter Kit Drain Valve, Chiller Adapter Garden Hose Drain Adapter Cultured Solutions? VEG A/B 1-Year Warranty Spacing Options All PRO systems come standard in a ?Boneless? configuration WITHOUT straight sections of 3? PVC to allow for custom plant spacing. The PRO Air Manifold also comes standard in a ?Boneless? configuration WITHOUT straight sections of 1.5? PVC to allow for custom plant spacing.

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