Superponic 16 Site Hydroponic System

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The SuperPonics 16-Plant Hydroponic Grow System grows your plants up to 5x faster, safer, and easier than any traditional hydroponic system. SuperPonics Hydroponic Grow System technology fuses the best of hydroponics by combining automated top feeding, deep water culture, and bubble and AeroPonics.

SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

The SuperPonics 16-Plant Hydroponic Grow System Complete grows faster than any single method of hydroponics and more safely due to the fact that there are always two independent hydroponic grow systems operating at the same time. Even if one system malfunctions, your plants will still thrive! Growing your plants with both Top Feed Watering and Bottom Feed oxygenation will create extremely happy plants with rapid growth rates and HUGE yields.

Included Components:

  • SuperPonic 16 Hydroponic Grow System
  • 16 3″ Net Cups
  • Premium Air 4 Air Pump & High Output Air Stones (Eco Air series pumps are very quiet, yet extremely powerful. This strong and durable pump is widely used to provide oxygen in hydroponic systems and they are convenient to operate without oil or noise.)
  • 185 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump (Superponics 185 GPH (gallon per hour) pump is the heart and flow of our unique hydroponic systems. Its powerful, oil free high magnetic rotor, ceramic shaft, and bearing ensures reliability and quiet operation. Plug it into its designated timer and you have your own personal robotic gardener making certain that your plants never go thirsty again.)
  • Analog Single Timer (Our light timer gives you the power to control the sunrise and sunset automatically, allowing you to control the season, and ultimately dictate whether your plants vegetate or produce beautiful fruits and flowers. Your Feeding Timer allow you to water your plants evenly and regularly without lifting a finger. Say hello to stress free vacations!)

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