TrimPal Dry Trimmer – 4 Unit Model (3/Plt)

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Part Number: HGC800102

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The TrimPal 4 Unit Dry Trimmer is capable of processing 4–6 lbs per hour. Introducing a user-friendly system designed to be operated by only a single person. The 4 Unit Trimmer will significantly reduce the cost and time involved in manicuring your desired product with the 22 in basket. The precision laser cut design is built with the most reliable names in parts and powder-coated by certified techs, providing a high-quality, dependable machine. With a 15 min interval timer that is used to set your desired trimming.

Sold in Quantity of:  1

Warranty Offered: 1

Weight 118 lbs
Dimensions 28.00 × 27.60 × 26.3 in