Power All 120 Volt 50 ft Extension Cord 3 Outlet w/ Green Indicator Light – 12 Gauge (6/Cs)

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Power All® three outlet 12 gauge extension cords are great for use in your indoor/outdoor garden. Includes a green LED light for the plug and outlets that is non-interfering, indicating the cord is live and in use. These weather-resistant extension cords are commercial grade. The connectors are heavy-duty, shatter resistant and will not deform, even in the worst conditions. These molded-on plugs and connectors are specially designed to prevent unwanted separation during use. Each cord is grounded with a molded connector. These Power All® cords are sunlight and water resistant and constructed to be flexible yet durable. Power All® cords are flame retardant. 12 gauge/15A/1800 max watts.

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Warranty Offered: 1 Year

Weight 7.7000 lbs
Dimensions 16.0 × 9.5 × 2.8 in