Netafim Techflow Emitter w/ Nipple Outlet 2 GPH (25/Bag) [WPC20]

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The unique design of the Netafim Techflow Emitters regulates flow and provides continuous self-cleaning action during operation. These emitters have a 2.2 PSI internal check valve that helps prevent low emitter drainage holding back up to a 5 ft column of water. The anti-siphon operation prevents contaminants from being drawn into the emitter. The Techflow Emitters are pressure compensating and deliver the same flow from 14.5 to 58 PSI. Recommended minimum filtration of 120 mesh. Pair the Techflow Emitters with the 36 in or 48 in 2-way (HGC747748 / HGC747749) or 4-way (HGC747700 / HGC747702) Dripper Stake Assemblies.

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