Nectar For The Gods #8 1.5 cu ft (60/Plt)

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Blend #8: A variation on Nectar’s Blend #4 potting mix, this blend has the same ingredients, with 50% perlite for increased drainage. Suitable for daily feeding. Mixed in small batches. Coir fiber is rinsed on-site with Oregon rainwater and buffered with limestone to reduce salts. After blending and bagging, soil sits unwrapped and covered for up to 30 days to activate, compost and then go dormant to avoid HOT soil. Ingredients: sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir fiber, pumice, mycorrhizal fungi, yucca meal, kelp meal, bone meal, diatomaceous earth, clay, basalt, oyster shell (for pH adjustment), humus and lime (for pH adjustment).

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