Luxx NX-1 Lighting Controller

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The 860w LED PRO XR is the new workhorse light fixture for the industry. The 860w LED PRO XR is built off the industry-leading Luxx 645 Pro product platform. It features two additional 100W LED bars to increase total light output and maintain PPFD uniformity over a larger area ensuring consistent growth across 5-6ft tray widths. The bar layout used by the Luxx 645 Pro and 860w LED PRO XR enables the fixture to be placed close to the canopy maximizing PPFD while the array of bars provide light coming from multiple locations at different angles to penetrate the canopy. This maximizes the absorption of light by plant leaves, increasing the effectiveness of the light and reducing wasted photons. For 480v: (10ft 480v cord with bare wire leads included)

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