Hyper-Logic AS111 Anti-Scalant

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HyperLogic Anti-Scalant Concentrate is a broad spectrum anti-scalant for use with our Commercial, Industrial and Heavy-Industrial RO systems to help inhibit the formation of Calcium Carbonate scale build-up. When used in conjunction with our HyperLogic Chemical Injector Systems, this anti-scalant helps to prolong membrane life and is a cost effective alternative to water softeners. Additionally, the use of a Chemical Injector over a Softener reduces system down and time & drain to waste caused by the Softener regeneration process. Please refer to your HyperLogic Owners Manual for proper dilution and injection ratio. This product MUST be diluted prior to use. Product must be stored in a temperature controlled environment away from direct sunlight. Once opened, product should be used within 1-year. Chemical Injector tank should be emptied, cleaned and rebatched monthly for best performance. 45lb. Jug. Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals. Former HyperLogic HL 11906

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 10.000 × 12.000 × 14.000 in