Hyper-Logic Sediment Pre-Filter 20Inchesx4.5Inches poly spun 5 micron

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HyperLogic 20″ 5 Micron, Melt-Blown Polypropylene, Ultra-Fine Sediment Filters remove silt, rust, dirt and other assorted suspended solids from the water. When used on our Commercial Series RO systems, located in the gray housing under the RO, they offer OEM level protection to costly equipment such as the RO pump and help extend the life of RO membranes. Replacement should be perfomed monthly; sooner if Filter In-Filter Out delta exceeds 10% These Sediment Filters are also commonly used on our Industrial and Heavy-Industrial RO systems with our CIP (clean in place) units by capturing the removed membrane scale build-up. Replace these filters after each CIP operational run. Formerly HyperLogic HL 11620

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Dimensions 4.500 × 4.500 × 20.000 in