Harvest Keeper Black / Black Precut Bags 15 in x 20 in (50/Pack)

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Harvest Keeper® Black/Black Sealer Bags keeps garden vegetables, meats and other food products fresh up to 5 times longer than other storage options. These bags, when used properly with a Vacuum Sealer, provide an airtight seal to keep moisture and air out. Harvest Keeper® Black/Black Sealer Bags save time and money by reducing freezer burn and extending the lifespan of your food. Black/Black Bags are ideal for long-term storage and give you more protection, security and privacy. Saves space and eliminates odors. Convenient and versatile. Product is BPA-free and is made from FDA-approved food-safe materials. Please follow FDA food safety guidelines. Harvest Keeper® Black/Black Sealer Bags come in precut bag sizes 11 in x 18 in and 15 in x 20 in or rolls 11 in or 15 in x 19-1/2 ft.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.000 × 15.400 × 2.300 in