Gavita Pro E-Series SL 1000e DE 208-240 Volt Boxed

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Only 9.7 inch high makes the ‘Slim Line’ the shortest 240 volt Gavita fixture ever. Highest light output and maintenance over time. It has the HR96 reflector for the maximum efficiency and uniformity. Highly efficient passive cooling of ballast for a longer lifetime of the electronics. Sealed housing with Gore-Tex® ventilation plug and controllable output up to 1150 Watt. Equipped with Repeater Bus interface which is a double-port connector on the ballast that allows you to directly daisy chain 100 fixtures per string and five strings per controller port to connect a maximum of 500 fixtures per controller port.

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Weight 13.0000 lbs
Dimensions 23.600 × 9.900 × 10.100 in