Galcon Twelve Station Outdoor Wall Mount Irrigation, Misting and Propagation Controller – 80512S (AC-12S) (3/Cs)

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This outdoor wall-mounted irrigation and propagation controller operates up to 9 or 12 (depending on model selection) control valves with a master valve or pump start. They come in a UV resistant and water-tight outdoor enclosure. The easy-to-program LCD screen offers independent programming of each valve with the ability to operate two valves simultaneously. This model includes a sensor input and can designate valve use to use with a rain sensor, soil moisture sensor, etc. to conserve water. Features include (but are not limited to): monthly water budgeting, rain delay, auto restart, identification of short circuits in the system, 9V battery backup, cyclical mode, and multi-function valve programming. 120V AC/24V AC power transformer.

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Warranty Offered: 3

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.90 × 9.10 × 5.1 in