EcoPlus Elite Series Electronic Jet Pump 3/4 HP – 900 GPH

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The EcoPlus® Elite Series Electronic Jet Pump is perfect for supplying water to domestic, irrigation, and gardening applications. This pump has 1 impeller, which helps deliver high flow and pressure. The high flow and pressure makes this pump ideal for use with many drip emitters, and other irrigation equipment that require a high PSI to operate. This pump has an electrical safety device built-in to prevent the pump from running dry. It also allows for automatic operation to start or close when faucet is turned on or off. Self-priming, compact, and robust construction. Built-in pre-filter. Outlet and inlets are 1 in NPT.

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Warranty Offered: 2

Weight 26.00 lbs
Dimensions 21.300 × 10.300 × 15.300 in