Current Culture Module Cage Pro – Fits 35 Gallon Module – 6 ft Tall

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The CCH2O Module Cages are designed to support large plants and is the perfect accessory for your Under Current® system. Made from heavy duty galvanized steel, or a durable white powder coating, the Module Cage offers years of use and will last indefinitely. The wraparound support is great for trellis and other plant training techniques. Use with established plants is possible with the modular design; simply wraparound the UC module and link clasps. Suitable for any gardening application. Manufactured in the USA. Match to your size of module, 8 gallon, 13 gallon or 35 gallon for the Pro. Ships flat. These items are drop ship only.

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Weight 2.6000 lbs
Dimensions 17.500 × 48.000 × 0.250 in