Chikamasa CRI-360SFV (6/cs)

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Chikamasa CRI-360SFV floral scissors are as practical as they are beautiful. These violet-colored garden scissors have the sophisticated precision of Japanese stainless steel, coupled with the sleek, easy-to-hold grip of floral snips. One of the most versatile scissors a grower can own, these fluorine-coated scissors with a straight blade have many uses in the garden and home. Equipped with a unique wire-cutting groove to snip thin plant wire without damaging the scissors, they also feature large, ergonomic handles. Chikamasa CRI-360SFV scissors are ideal for wet trimming, cloning and de-leafing, as well as general harvest plant preparation.

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 9.750 × 3.900 × 0.600 in