Can-Fan Muffler Ducting 8 in x 15 ft

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Muffler-Duct™ is a fully flexible, thermally insulated ducting that is specially designed for the HVAC market. Muffler-Duct™ is composed of three layers that work together to stand up to the most demanding applications. The inside is made of aluminum foil duct, in the middle there is a flame-retardant pearl wool, then we use a white reinforced PVC sleeve with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix. Engineered ducting that reduces noise and condensation. Oversized to fit easily onto connections. Each Muffler-Duct™ comes in 15 ft lengths with 2 duct clamps included.

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Weight 9.7000 lbs
Dimensions 21.7 × 11.6 × 11.0 in