AgroLED Sun Supreme 50 Watt 48 in LED White 5500 K Grow Light

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AgroLED¨ Sun¨ Supreme is an environmentally friendly way to bathe your plants in the light they need, without spending on energy they donÕt. A built-in reflector and passively cooled design means the AgroLED¨ Sun¨ Supreme light strip doesnÕt require a fan to ensure proper thermal management, while still providing high output, brilliant performance and a long life span. The Sun¨ Supreme LED delivers an excellent full spectrum of light at 5500¡ K, making it ideal for early plant growth, propagation and indoor gardening. A 5-foot power cord and on/off switch make operation easy, while the daisy chain feature means you can plug multiple fixtures into each other for easy installation. Plus, with the included V-hangers, you can choose whether to hang your lights vertically or horizontally. Lumen output: 20 W 18 in supreme produces 2300 lumens. 25 W 24 in Supreme produces 2650 lumens. 50 W 48 in Supreme produces 5550 lumens. Includes a 5 ft power cord with on/off switch, (1) daisy chain cord, (2) hanging brackets with ÒVÓ style hangers, (3) flush mount options. UL Listed.

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