Adjust-A-Wings Defender Hellion DE White Reflector – Medium (72/Plt)

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Made specifically for double-ended horticultural lamps (not included). The Adjust-A-Wing Medium DE Defender Hellions reflection is similar to that of the Enforcer (approx 91%), but the surface is a “titanium white” heat-resistant powder-coat that produces a very diffused and evenly spread light footprint. The base metal is H18 aluminum alloy (3% magnesium) that is extra strong and springy and will maintain perfect parabolic curves under the roughest of handling during assembly. Includes Hellion DE adapter that comes prewired with a 15 ft lamp cord DE, DE Super Spreader and all parts needed for assembly. Wing and Hellion DE adapter packaged separately.

Sold in Quantity of:  1

Warranty Offered: 5 Year

Weight 2.4000 lbs
Dimensions 22.0 × 15.5 × 1.4 in