Actinovate L & G – National Label 18 oz (12/Cs)

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Actinovate® L & G contains a high concentration of a patented beneficial microorganism. When applied, the Actinovate® L & G microbe grows on the plant’s roots and leaves, living off the plant’s by-products while at the same time attacking harmful disease-causing pathogens. This natural product effectively suppresses and controls a wide range of foliar and root diseases. Safe for vegetables, flowers, fruits, trees and shrubs to prevent pythium, phytophthora, rhizoctonia, fusarium and other root diseases while combating foliar diseases such as mildew, grey mold, leaf spots, black spot and rust. 100% water-soluble, safe around pets and environmentally friendly. Use as directed for optimal results and can be used with your existing feeding regimen.

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