PHOTOBIO MX 680W Driver 100-277V iLOC (Driver only)

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PHOTOBIO MX LED 680W Driver w/ iLOC,100-277V (driver only)


PHOTOBIO MX 680 Watt LED OEM replacement driver, with dimming knob.  Used exclusively with PHOTOBIO MX 680 watt LED fixtures.

  • Driver can be mounted remote to manage heat within grow space or more convenient access
  • Fully compatible with PHOTOBIO AC Power Distribution Tree cabling system
  • Fully compatible with PHOTOBIO DC Communication Tree cabling system
  • iLOC Integrated Light Output Control knob allows manual adjustment of light output
  • Settings are 40%-55%-70%-85%-100% – PX Control
  • Precisely control photon output when paired with Autopilot PX series controller (PX2 and above)
  • 100-277V driver input range
  • IP65 wet location rated protection against water and dust


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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 33.9 × 3.5 in