PHOTO LOC 0-10V CX Control Cable, 3PF-3PM, Ferrite, 10′

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PHOTOBIO PHOTO LOC CX Control Cable w/Ferrite, 0-10V, 3PF-3PM, 10′


The PHOTOBIO PHOTO LOC 0-10V CX Control Cable, 3PF-3PM, Ferrite is a 10′ straight cord designed to enable reliable control signal interconnection between two Photobio CX model LED fixtures. 

Features 10′ 22AWG braided flexible copper wiring, convenient push lock connections, EMC suppression to mitigate electromagnetic interference and is UV resistant.

Cable and connections are IP66 rated for enhanced water and dust protection.

*Multiple cables can be connected end to end for spacing of fixtures further than 10′.

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Dimensions 1.77 × 8.66 × 1.38 in