PARGRO PAR22.5 Jumbo (6x6x4) with Hole, Case of 64

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Grodan Pargro Jumbo, 6 x 6 x 4, w/Hole, Case of 64


Grodan Pargro Jumbo, 6 x 6 x 4, w/Hole, Case of 64

Pargro is an ideal stone wool growing media, for consistent results without the need for sophisticated irrigation schedules.

Pargro is lightweight stone wool made from basalt rock. It’s a highly uniform substrate that’s pathogen, disease and seed-free. The material is inert so it will not add or hold back any nutrients giving you complete control over your plants.

The Pargro family of products are made in the most popular sizes that offer value to many growing situations, including boutique or craft grow ops, and growers who are advancing their grow from coco, peat or soil into Grodan stone wool.

In black/white foil technology, Pargro gives growers the best of both water worlds; quick. balanced drain with moderate water holding capacity. It allows for steady and stable EC refreshment so you can be more responsive.

Pargro media has rapid water distribution and excellent re-saturation capabilities, making it easy to use.

Product Details

Pargro Blocks

Pargro Blocks are the foundation for uniform propagation and flowering of plants. Pargro Blocks are easy to use and high quality.

  • Uniform and consistent density
  • Easy to saturate, easy WC management
  • Provide good root growth throughout the block

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