Louder Powder Grow A (15-0-0) 25lb Bag

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Cutting Edge Solutions Louder Powder Grow A (15-0-0), 25 lb Bag


Cutting Edge Solutions – Mineral Family: Louder Powder



The Louder Powder Grow A is a granular nutrient blend formulated with calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen for the vegetative stage. The high quality chelates and precision blending of these nutrients make them readily available to the plant, and easily solubilized in water. In GROW A the calcium strengthens cell walls, the magnesium promotes synthesis of chlorophyll, and the nitrogen promotes vegetative plant growth. GROW A is compatible with all irrigation platforms including:

  • Drip irrigation direct from reservoir mix.
  • Recirculating hydroponic systems.
    • Flood & Drain
    • Recirculating Deep Water Culture
    • Aeroponic
    • NFT
  • Injection from stock tank concentrate.
    • Siphon
    • Electric Diaphragm
    • Pneumatic
  • Hand mix tanks for traditional wand feeding.

NOTE: For injection and reservoir mixes GROW A should always be mixed first.

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Weight 25 lbs
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