iLogic 9 LED Full Spectrum 1000W 120-277V (Power Cable Sold Seperately)

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The iLogic™9 Full Spectrum LED grow light is the go-to high-efficiency fixture for sealed grow rooms enhanced with CO2 supplementation. Nine light bars deliver extremely high light intensity and uniformity across a 4’ x 4’ footprint to drive unbeatable growth rates and flower production. The iLogic™9 is the zero-compromise solution for production-focused growers. Assemble and hang in minutes with iLuminar’s lightweight aluminum casing and four-point hanging system. Growers love how easy it is to swap out individual light bars without taking the whole fixture out of service thanks to the “hot swap” easy release clips.​

Fully controllable with ILUMINAR’s Touch+ and Hash controllers, cultivators can gradually dial up to a full 1000 watts of light intensity while maintaining a perfectly balanced, full spectrum for optimal plant health and vigor throughout the lifecycle.

Delivering an incredible 2800 μmol/s PPF, the iLogic™9 Full Spectrum fixture has the power to penetrate more deeply into the densest indoor plantations, giving lower growth tips the intensity they need to reach the canopy, resulting in more viable flower sites per plant. Cultivators enjoy the bigger yields, higher quality, and more overall crop homogeneity.

The enhanced canopy penetration frees growers from the chore of remedial foliage stripping in order to promote the development of lower and mid-tier flower sites.


  • Wattage: 1000W
  • PDF: 2800 umol/s
  • Efficacy: 2.8 umol/J
  • Color Temperature: 4000k

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Warranty Offered: 5 Years

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Dimensions 41.9 × 39.4 × 4.9 in