iLogic 8 LED UV and Far-Red 630W 120-277V (Power Cable Sold Seperately)

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Enjoy all the benefits of full spectrum & UV+Far-Red lighting without sacrificing efficiency. The iLogic™8 LED family delivers deep, penetrating light intensity along with industry-leading uniformity over a square 4’ x 4’ footprint. Optimized for the most demanding floriculture applications, the iLogic™8 is designed to scale up with ease as your operation grows, offering unbeatable reliability, longevity, and performance.

The iLogic™8 LEDs drive maximum plant productivity, even in the densest of canopies in CO2 enriched flowering rooms. Equally at home in single or multi-tier cultivation environments, this state-of-the-art LED grow lighting promotes compact and vigorous growth and the production of high levels of secondary metabolites through the full spectrum output.

The iLogic™8 Full Spectrum LED is about more than impressive statistics, it’s the realization of years of lessons in the field. Combining industry-leading thermal management solutions with specially inset diodes for safe and easy light-bar cleaning, this LED grow light utilizes cutting-edge lighting technology. Creating uniform lighting footprints couldn’t be easier thanks to the lightweight aluminum casing and four-point hanging system. Growers love how easy it is to swap out individual light bars without taking the whole fixture out of service thanks to the “hot swap” easy release clips.


  • Wattage: 630W
  • PDF: 1700 umol/s
  • Efficacy: 2.7 umol/J
  • Color Temperature: 3900k

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Warranty Offered: 5 Years

Weight 50.3 lbs
Dimensions 41.9 × 39.4 × 4.9 in