Growth Science Abundant-Sea 2.5 gal

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Growth Science Organics Abundant-Sea, 2.5 gal



Macrocystis integrifolia, commonly known as Giant Pacific Kelp, is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth. It’s also one of the many secrets behind Abundant-Sea®. The more successful the vegetative stage, the more fruits and flowers your plant will be able to produce. Abundant-Sea® has been specifically designed to encourage this rapid growth during a plant’s vegetative stage with an impressive array of natural ingredients. It’s this extensive nutrient mix within Abundant-Sea® that helps plants to reach their full vegetative growth capacity.

• Kelp products have been used in organic agriculture for generations. They offer a number of benefits to the soil and the plants. Kelp contains over 50 different minerals and in addition are full of different natural nutrients that benefit plant growth.
• When used as foliar, absorption into plant tissue is greatly increased and results can be noticed the next day or sooner!
• Free of PGR’s

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