GROW!T Commercial Coco, RapidRIZE Block 8″x8″x6″ case of 20

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GROW!T Commercial Coco, RapidRIZE Block 8″x8″x6″, case of 20


GROW!T Commercial Coco Block, 8″x8″x6″, case of 20

GROW!T Commercial Coco is Hydrofarm’s premium growing medium brand, designed specifically for the professional grower.  The entire line of GROW!T Commercial Coco is lab tested lab tested for heavy metals, so your plants can grow in the purest coco available.  This high-quality coir is processed indoors to eliminate debris and pollutants.  Repeated washes and buffering are applied to achieve extra-low ppm/EC levels, so you can apply nutrients and supplements the same day you plant.

The 8”x8”x6” block from GROW!T Commercial Coco is an excellent grow block for large flowering plants. Smaller blocks can be stacked on top or planted down into the coco coir. Another approach is to veg and bloom plants only in this 8”x8”6” block, using modern automated fertigation methods.  RapidRIZE blocks start off compressed for easy shipping and storage, but they expand fully in approximately 1 minute after saturation.  All RapidRIZE blocks feature a wide, low-profile shape, to match the specific rooting pattern of your favorite herbaceous annual plants.

  • Premium buffered coco coir
  • RadidRIZE blocks with super-fast expansion
  • Low ppm/EC and tested for heavy metals
SKU PRODUCT Cubic Inch Liters Gallons
GMGP443 RapidRIZE Block 4″x4″x3″ 48 0.8 0.2
GMGP664 RapidRIZE Block 6″x6″x4″ 144 2.4 0.6
GMGP886 RapidRIZE Block 8″x8″x6″ 384 6.3 1.7
GMGP10107 RapidRIZE Block 10″x10″x7″ 700 11.5 3.00

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