Grotek Root Force 10L

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Grotek Root Force, 10 L


Supporting root development is key to crop success. Root Forceâ„¢ drives key secondary root structures. These can improve nutrient uptake, boost connections with mycorrhizae, and help build stronger plants. This formula can also provide a buffer against environmental pressures such as drought and underwatering. This gives plants a chance to bounce back more quickly from stressful conditions.

Root Force™ is designed to stimulate microbes, especially bacteria. Even for fungi it’s a friend, because it enhances roots without added phosphorus—an element that can inhibit the development of mycorrhizae.

  • Builds root without hormones or phosphorous
  • Boosts secondary root structure
  • Enhances biology like mycorrhizae
  • N-P-K: 1-0-0

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