Grotek Growth Booster 300g

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Grotek Growth Booster, 300 g

Formulated to encourage early and vigorous growth, Growth Boosterâ„¢ is an excellent supplement for growing plants. High nitrogen supports green growth while phosphorus supports photosynthetic energy production. The phosphorus also works to increase the metabolism of carbohydrates and aid in root development. Growth Booster is designed to be a one-time application product prior to the onset of flower development.

Directions for use:
For every 10 L (2.5 gal) of growing solution in your reservoir, mix in 1 g (1/4 tsp) of  Growth Boosterâ„¢. Add directly to your reservoir when new growth is just starting. Mix it well. Cuttings can be watered once with Growth Booster. USE ONLY ONCE. 

Soil/Soilless Applications: For every 10 L (2.5 gal) of water, mix in 1 g (1/4 tsp) of Growth Booster. Dissolve directly into your watering jug. Water each plant with 1/2 L (1/2 qt) of the mixture when you see new growth starting.USE ONLY ONCE. performance in all mediums and dissolves completely in water.

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